This year has been a very busy year for Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. It has hosted countless acts so far with plenty more to come. On Friday night it was The Jungle Giants turn to hit up the stage and make an impression, and that is exactly what they did!

The Jungle Giants formed back in 2011 and have been onwards and upwards since the get go. To date, the band have released two EPS and three studio albums. Their most recent album being ‘Quiet Ferocity’ which has already been positively receive from audiences Australia wide and has claimed some awards including ‘Best Independent Album’ at the Australian Independent Record Awards earlier this year. This album includes ARIA-certified Platinum single ‘Feel The Way I Do’ and three ARIA-certified Gold singles in ‘Used To Be In Love’, ‘Bad Dream’ and ‘On Your Way Down’.

It is safe to say that these guys have a strong fan base that is rapidly multiplying. It is no real wonder why this is, these guys are unique and have such a fun presence. It really is hard not to like them.

Prior to this show, the band appealed to their fan base asking everyone to come as early as possible to the gig to support the DJS. Support act Adi Toohey set the bar and revved the early crowd up in style. 

We all know when the main act is about to take the stage – the room quickly darkens and there is suspenseful pause. That is exactly what happened here. Within a flash the stage lit back up and the crowd went crazy. The cheering was so loud which encouraged the band to get straight into it. 

For the duration of the show there was not one still body in the room. It was impossible not to move as the energy was spread throughout by the bands constant movement and hyper presence. This really did create a fun atmosphere. Lead singer Sam Hales greeter the crowd and made everyone feel welcome. Hales made comment on the visual of the audience and how thankful they are to have such a loyal following and presence before them. 

The opening tracks included one of many favorites ‘On Your Way Down’ and ‘Skin To Bone’ from their 2013 album Learn To Exist

The set list was clearly carefully chosen and chosen very well. Other numbers to mention included ‘Devils Play’, ‘I Am What You Want Me To Be’ and absolute mood enhancer, ‘Feel The Way I Do’. These songs in particular raised the energy of the crowd. It appeared that at least a third of the audience was on someone’s shoulder at some point through the set – as possible concern to security but it didn’t stop anyone from having a good night. The band was constantly encouraging the crowd to dance and throw their arms up in the air. 

It was a very colorful evening. The lighting effects were magnificent to say the least! It isn’t very surprising how these guys manage to play so many sold out shows.

The encore had everyone in a moment of suspense. It was obvious that fans did not want this to be the end, given their loud chanting of “Jungle Giants”. The band closed their perfect set with their song ‘Bad Dream’

What else does The Jungle Giants have in store for 2019? More shows!

If you haven’t caught these guys this time around, no doubt they will be bringing their remarkable set to somewhere near you!