Tasmania is filled with so many amazing and hard working artists.  I have been welcomed into the community in Launceston and feel as though there is a real sense of support and encouragement here.  It’s exciting times as most of the music I am excited about is yet to be released. 

Emma Anglesey 

Emma’s stunning record Some Things Can’t Be undone was released last year and it’s a lushes multilayered journey.   Her one shot self directed video clip for the single Swells My Heart is masterpiece and a true representation of her many skills as an artist.  Em and I also have a band together called Runaway Belles and we will be releasing new music really soon. 


Tim Kling is a multidisciplinary artist, photographer, videographer and producer.  He recently released a gorgeous track called Along The Shore.  This song is a nostalgic multilayered dreamscape that gets into your bones.  The first time he played it to me I had it in my head for days.  He’s working on a record at the moment and I’m so excited for the world he is building around music and art practice. 


I’ve just recently been introduced to this Launceston based indi-pop duo.  Jack’s production is so rich and Cloe’s voice and lyrics really tug on the heart strings.   I was lucky enough to listen to some new unreleased material of theirs the other day and it’s soooooooo good!!! I’m super excited for the existing and future Sumner fans. 


Holy Holy 

I first saw Holy Holy supporting Emma Louise in Melbourne in 2015.  Since then they have released so much great music.  Tim’s voice give’s me goosebumps every time.  He is also one of the curators of the most incredible boutique music festival in Australia, A Festival Called Panama.  Each year they provide North West Tasmanians with the opportunity to see world class acts perform in an intimate setting in the forrest.  


This incredible young woman is about to blow up everywhere! She hasn’t released anything yet but I saw her play at Junction Festival a few months ago and her new bright pop sound is so exciting!  She’s an amazing dancer and a sweet, humble and incredibly hard working young musician.  Keep your ears peeled for her first single coming out later this year.