Top 5 songs for 2019 in no particular order…..

Dawn Chorus – Thom Yorke
Love the production on the whole album and it’s quite rare these days to find a record you can listen to from start to finish. I think i could listen to Dawn Chorus for 3 hours straight and wouldn’t realise. Very calming.

Don’t look down – And you will know us by the trail of dead
Have loved these guys ever since my brother introduced me to  source, tags and codes 20 odd years ago and we were lucky enough to get Conrad to do Artwork on a previous project we were in. He’s an amazing illustrator and multi instrumentalist and they have really returned to early form with ‘Don’t look down’. 

Pneuma – Tool
I’m a Tool tragic and was extremely excited and fed up with Maynard’s shit when they announced the release of ‘Fear Innoculum’. To be honest the album is hard work to get through with pockets of brilliance but Pneuma is by far the stand out for me.

Black Mountain – High rise
Another release by a favourite band of mine. The mix of rock and synth elements has been a massive influence on Dip Road Dog’s sound. Rachel Fannan is also the coolest lady in rock at the moment.

Dyson Stringer Cloher – Believer 
Big fans of these three individually. Wasn’t sure how they’d all go together but absolutely loving this album. Liz Stringer’s voice makes you a Believer.