Jonsi / Sigur Ros
I’ve heard so much about their shows. It’s a real moment. Multi-media etc. Their stuff is so beautiful, I’d be so interested to see how it translated live!

He just throws crazy parties and I’d love to just lose myself to the moment and energy of one of his shows. It would be insane and I’d need a good day off to recover I’d think!!! Incredible musician who has had a big impact on modern music.

Amy Winehouse
This might be a little cheeky, because it isn’t physically possible which is a horrible shame. But I heard a few songs of hers when I was living in the UK at a very wet festival I was playing at. I always wished I’d stayed longer and seen her whole set. She was from another planet. A once in a generation talent. A real moment in music!! 



Absolutely love his solo works since One Direction split, such a turnaround for him in coming into his own. He has such a beautiful, emotive voice and it comes to the forefront in his songwriting. Love that impassioned classic Brit rock meets singer-songwriter folk, with a little splash of pop shine. Perfect. 

This woman is a genius. Her songwriting style has influenced pop in a bigger way than people talk about I think. It’s conversational, affecting, raw – her melodies are unexpected and meandering yet catchy, yet feel so effortless in the way they flow! Her ‘Inner Monologue EP’ was a repeat listen on long drives for me for a long while there.

HAIM’s pop rock just makes me so happy, that’s pretty much all there is to it. 3 part harmonies and rich vibrant high-end in the production. It’s juicy and sparkly and shiny and summery and jumpy. Feels like a teen slumber party in the 90s. What a pop dreeeam.