Would it really be a list without Tame Impala? ‘Lost in Yesterday’ has been getting some heavy rotation on my playlist, the song is juicy and delightful.  I used to listen to so much Tame Impala when I was first getting into writing and producing songs, so I feel like I’ll always have a soft spot for them.

‘Habitual’ by Justin Bieber, which came out this past Friday, is such a good vibe.  The production is super slick, it has those Drake-like driving home really late at night vibes.  I feel like JB is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, but I don’t really feel guilty about it, you know?

A song I heard the other day that has been on repeat is ‘People, I’ve been sad’ by Christine and the Queens.  The production is soooo good… keep an ear out for the chorus bass line. It’s wicked.  Also changing between singing in English and French is very cool, I wish I could speak another language (unfortunately language doesn’t seem to be my strong suit). 

‘Run’ by Joji is up next, which is another rather well produced tasty track.  I feel like I’m just listing big artist pop music, but again, do I care?  No.  I love that stuff.  I think with Joji it’s also cool knowing that he came from Filthy Frank; a pretty dramatic image/brand change.  It’s cool to know that those kinds of changes are possible.

Coming back to my hometown Perth, we have ‘Fantasy’ by Material World Orchestra (WA).  It’s synthy, it’s shiny, it makes me feel like I’m wearing flares in the 70s.  I heard these guys at a friends show last year and really enjoyed the synth colours and as a band DANG are they tight.