Top 5 Pizza Places 

  1. Boulevard Pizzeria City Beach. Tuesday nights are both rehearsal and band pizza night and Boulevard Pizzeria is always our first choice. These pizzas are addictive and they come paired with an alfresco dining experience. 
  2. Delisio Subiaco. This place is a few doors down from my (Felix) new dentist. I used to hate going to the dentist but now I look forward to it because I know I can indulge in some pizza by the slice goodness straight after. 
  3. Little Caesars Mount Hawthorn. We often end up here after a day in the studio as its just a shortish drive down the road. We’ve luckily been able to find great pizza places near every location we need to frequently visit as a band. Little Caesars is another perfect example of that. 
  4. Neighbourhood Pizza Mount Hawthorn. This place is in a refurnished old warehouse. Here at Cloning we are big believers in how setting can shape your dining experience. Neighbourhood Pizza has a great vibe aswell as great pizza. 
  5. Hugos Pizza in City Beach. This place has big big pizzas and they’re pretty cheap too. Definitely another favourite of ours after rehearsals. Although we saw one of our own band posters on the walls once, and it freaked us out a little staring at pictures of ourselves while we ate.