1. Modern Loneliness – Lauv

I was so excited for Lauv’s debut album, which has been dropped this year. Modern Loneliness popped up as a single earlier in 2020. After listening to it for the first time I just thought ‘Wow, ain’t that true.’ My favourite line is ‘get what you give and give what you get,’ isn’t that something to live by. 

2.  Break My Heart – Dua Lipa

Again, I was really excited for Dua’s new album to drop, which I believe half of it has been earlier this month. (Note: very interesting release schedule which makes me think for mine in future.) She released the single ‘Physical’ earlier in the piece, which wasn’t really my cup of tea. When ‘Break My Heart’ came out a few weeks before the album, my spark and faith in Dua was reinstated! Such a groovy, funkie and Dua Lipa track! 

3.  Intentions (Acoustic) – Justin Bieber

Biebs is Back! Was stoked to see the modern king of pop make a new name for himself with his comeback album ‘changes.’ Shortly after this he released an acoustic version of ‘Intentions,’ which in my opinion was the album hit song. The single contains Bieber and an acoustic guitar and it’s incredible!

4.   I’ve Got You – Jack Botts

A huge inspiration of mine from the Northern Rivers. The bloke probably thinks i’m the biggest weirdo because of how much I dm him on insta haha. His music is pure magic though, as well as really inspiring to me. I love the way the guys from Byron Bay do it. ‘I’ve Got You’ is his new 2020 single and can guarantee you’ll like it as much as I do. 

5.   Kinda Feels Alright – Wild Rivers 

These guys are a smaller Canadian Band and I can’t stress how amazing their music is! The single is part of an EP being trickled out over 2020. ‘Kinda Feels Alright’ reminds me of the days I spent in Canada when I was there living and working a few years back. Just getting lost, loving life and finding myself. 

GAUDION and the new indie pop single TV SHOWS

Gaudion has also revealed a sweet, adventurous video to accompany the track, directed by Guido Pezz.  In light of COVID-19, Gaudion is unable to perform regular gigs – so to celebrate the release of TV Shows he has announced two YouTube/Instagram livestream performances on April 2 at 7.30PM AEST, and April 30 at 7.30PM AEST. 

TV Shows is one for fans of guitar pop and brilliant Australian songwriting.  Evocative of Dean LewisZiggy Alberts, and Ben HowardTV Shows would feel at home on the soundtrack for a coming of age romantic film, or perhaps it’s that track that you’ll play over and over on your next summer roadtrip.  Catchy and affecting, this song features Gaudion’s lovely vocal performance front and centre.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Gaudion explains, “TV Shows is a small part of my life.  I began writing the tune when I was working on a small farm in a rural area in Canada’s Saskatchewan.  In this place I was turbulent.  I never knew what I wanted to do.  So I taught myself to play guitar and sing inside a grain silo every day after work.  I was also going through a difficult stage of adolesence; through this song I was aiming to express my current feelings with music.  Every time I’d think of the things I was going through I’d write a little bit more of the song.  It’s not the first song I ever wrote, and definitely not the last, but it holds a long journey of my emotions, my memories and my thoughts.

The film clip for TV Shows is open to interpretation, allowing the audience to incorporate their own meaning into the clip, which is a very special feeling.  The video follows the story of a couple who part, while Gaudion watches on on a television set.   The performance is serene, indicating a sense of acceptance of life’s inherent challenges and curveballs.  Speaking on the clip, Gaudion enthuses, “The music video for TV Shows has been one of the funnest journeys ever.  Guido Pezz is a fantastic director, new mate of mine and creative genius.  It’s literally a video of me watching TV Shows which follow the emotions of the music.  I’m very happy with the process, the beautiful actors we worked with and laughs we had along the way.”

Although disappointed that he won’t be able to perform in person for the foreseeable future, Gaudion is excited to present two intimate performances via livestream, as he says,  “All we have seen happen to the world over the past months due to COVID-19 has been devastating.  In our industry, all shows have been cancelled, jobs have been lost and artists are genuinely scared of the carryover effects that this virus will have.  I feel the need to keep moving forward and I’m also in a position to brighten peoples’ days through sharing my music, so I feel very fortunate.  I am excited to be performing two Youtube livestream performances to celebrate the release of this song.”Talented in more ways than one, Gaudion is a keen carpenter, and even made his own guitar, as he says, I love building and creating things with my hands, I find it very rewarding and exciting.  A few years back I built an acoustic guitar from scratch. She’s a medium sized dreadnaught made from Tasmanian blackwood (back and sides), sitka spruce (top), mahogany (neck) and Indian rosewood (features). Her name is Grace