Rya Park – Bad Name 

This song and the accompanying video are just so powerful. There is some really unconventional instrumentation on this track as well which I love. Rya has an amazing voice and some stunning lyrics to go with it. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Clews – Feel 

These guys are just unreal, I’ve yet to hear a bad song by them. That built in sibling chemistry is undeniable and really what makes them such a special song writing duo. Their joint harmonies make this song really take off. I’m a fan.

Hannah Cameron – Backsliding 

What an absolute gem of a track, I’ve noticed this one taking off online and with good reason. A beautiful verse melody with some epic string arrangements to wait for at the end of the track.

Something for Kate – Situation Room 

I’ve been listening to S4K since I was about 14 years old, and this is up there with the best of their tracks. Paul Dempsey is on the mount Rushmore of Australian songwriters for me, and as far as words go, there aren’t many that can match him. It’s so great to see them still together and being received as well as they ever have by the public after all this time. 

Josh Pyke – I Don’t Know 

Josh Pyke is just a masterful songwriter. To put out such a bare and vulnerable track with little just vocal, acoustic guitar and strings is a huge gamble in today’s musical climate, but that’s just a testament to how good this song is and how well he delivers it.