Merpire – New album coming soon but check out Heavy Feeling for now!
Merpire’s voice goes from spine-chillingly delicate (like spider webs of toffee) to insanely powerful (like a lion’s roar) in her song Dinosaur (unreleased) as she sings “I made the cage I’m in, I’m tired of my skin.” Merpire totally demolishes me. She also puts my shattered heart right back together again. And I’m all the better for it.

Mo’Ju (FKA Mojo Juju) 1000 Years
Mo’Ju made a really, REALLY important album in Native Tongue last year. One of the most beautiful songs on that record is 1000 Years. It’s a beautifully poignant song about some of her personal family history. I hope someone feels this way about me one day.  

Mimi Gilbert – If Disaster Comes to Me
Mimi will draw you in with her quietly captivating delivery and then blow your heart apart. Her voice makes me want to skip through the awkward stages of a first time friend or a new lover and get straight down to it. “Who are you? How do you feel?” she asks. And I always answer truthfully and openly because what other option does she leave me with?

Ainslie Wills – Liquid Paper
I remember listening to this song over and over and over when I broke up with someone a few years ago. A lot of years ago actually. But it still holds so much weight. “You’re on rations every day but still you stay.” I still ugly cry listening to this song. Every. Freakin. Time.

Oh Pep! What’s The Deal With David? 
These two are incredible musicians. They can play the CHRIST out of their instruments AND write incredible melodies and lyrics. I cannot fault them. They’re unique and funny and I love their music so much. Whack this song on, wind down the windows in the car, drive down the highway and forget all your woes.