Keeping it relevant to their spicy theme in their recent music video, Travalley share their top 5 chillies:

  1. African Birds Eye – we ate these for the film clip not know how hot they were actually going to be. They are around 150,000 Scovillies which in comparison hot sauce is normally around 5,000/10,000.

2. Red Capsicum – these are the most delicious of the lot. Have them with pretty much everything. Fun fact, the different coloured capsicum are just the level of ripeness, they aren’t even different. That’s why the red and yellow ones are the sweetest 🙂 

3. Hot sauce from the mi goreng packets – although very under used and under valued, I really like a bit of spice when I dabble in the cheap and delicious mi goreng packets. 

4. The Carolina Reaper – it just sounds nasty, I do love watching people eat these on YouTube. There are so many hilarious videos of people absolutely dying after eating these chillies. I would eat the 30 chillies again before eating a Carolina Reaper. 

5. The Merciless Pepper of Quetzalacatenango – this is one of the top 5 scenes in Simpson History. I can imagine if it makes Homer trip after eating it, it would kill most normal human beings.