Listen to a Runaway Belles Live Stream from the archives

There are 4 live streams available on our Facebook page from our Monday’s in May residency.  Our personal favourite is week 3 but if you want to see Em throw a watermelon out the window then week two at around 35 mins is the one! 

Walk in nature and admire the wildflowers

If you live in Tasmania you could even go searching for the orchids that feature on our single artwork.  The Tailed Spider Orchid from The Weekend or the Flying Duck Orchid from Dream. Check out the artwork on our Spotify page. 

Bake a cake

Last weekend at Runaway Belles HQ ‘The great cake incident of 2020’ occurred.  We were trying to be healthy and eat less sugar when all of sudden Tash baked a pear and cinnamon tea cake. We ate half of it in one sitting and then spent the rest of the afternoon walking in the gorge trying to burn off the calories.

Binge watch your favourite Netflix show

Listen we don’t always recommend this but during iso there have been some tough days battling anxiety.  A good comedy series is as good as a serotonin drip so we’ve been taking time out to watch Brooklyn 99 and Schitt’s Creek.  Here is our favourite scene from the 99. 

Collect apples from a local orchard and make fruit wine with your friends

Em has been making traditional Italian apple wine with a group of friends.  Here’s a clip from one of our favourite TV show character who shares a love for apple wine.