Thrilling singer, songwriter and visual artist, PARKER has today shared her fierce and empowering new single and video, Superhuman, a powerhouse indie electro track with an 80s wash and a commanding message about being brave and evolving, complemented by an extraordinarily cinematic video clip that could easily be mistaken for the trailer of the next Hollywood blockbuster.  PARKER will be celebrating her bold new single with two livestream single launch shows on July 2 (electronic show) and July 16 (acoustic show).

Written by PARKER in collaboration with and produced by Hans Van Vliet, and mixed and mastered by Becki WhittonSuperhuman is an 80s soaked electro dream, transported by the unmistakable, glassy voice of Tash Parker.  With oscillating stratified synths bubbling throughout, Superhuman is steeped in nostalgia and will be lapped up by fans of Robyn, Bjork and Portishead

Superhuman is about being brave, facing your fears and evolving,” explains Tash.  “I wrote it in response to developing anxiety and insomnia a few years ago.  Dealing with the challenges led me on a journey of self discovery. I learned meditation techniques and developed a fitness/health practice that brings me to today feeling superhuman.  Overcoming my worst fears and facing my problems head on wasn’t easy but it’s given me the gumption to tackle anything that challenges me.”

As we all face the anxiety and uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis, now more than ever we need inspiration and encouragement to become strong and resilient in the face of adversity.  Interestingly, Tash says, “I have a collection of words that I wrote down when I first was developing PARKER – brave, unexpected, powerful and graceful.  Each time I work on a song or any of the art accompanying it, I keep these words in the front of my mind and this song and those words feel incredibly relevant for these times.”

Accompanied by a masterful film clip that was created and co-produced by PARKER’s long-time audio and visual collaborator, Hans Van Vliet, the video was made in the game engine, Unity and takes inspiration from 80s cinema.  PARKER offers insight into the video’s essence and the deep thought and workings that saw this video become a reality, saying, “We wanted to tell the story of a character who works hard to rebuild itself and evolves to become superhuman.  Set in another world, the clip starts in a magical cave with 3 distinct light colours of red, gold and cyan symbolising the past, present and future respectively. The pulsing light represents the heart or essence of a being. Outside the cave is The Oracle which represents the higher self or future self.  We are made up of our past, our present and our future potential, and only when these three elements are embraced can we become superhuman.”   

Chatting about her livestream shows in July, Tash insights, “Just before the lockdown we were all set to go for national touring this year, so it felt like a false start in regards to launching my new live show.  Luckily my band and sound engineer all live in Launceston and we are able to do a livestream show.  We will be presenting one full band and production show, and an acoustic show with stripped back arrangements of the songs, plus some new material that I have written during iso.   Unfortunately for the full production shows you won’t be able to feel the subs hit you in the chest unless you have a massive sound system at home, but the audio will be super high quality so I can recommend getting some really nice headphones to listen to the show on.  I love the idea of people at home finding a comfy space to lay down with their eyes closed while we perform.”

Superhuman is out now.
PARKER is Tash Parker.