Exciting newcomer Brigitte Bardini schools us on ethereal wave with her atmospheric debut single, Aphrodite.  The track is accompanied by a dreamy video by Ayush Negi that was masterfully filmed through water to pull off a fittingly 90s alt indie vibe. Today she shares with us her top 5 albums of all, all of which have influenced her work.

Grace – Jeff Buckley
This album would have to be my number one as it holds a very special place for me as Jeff Buckley was the main force that really compelled me to start writing music and I also associate so many meaningful memories to each track.  The album has the ability to inspire me and strike me to the core in an instant.  I highly admire Jeff Buckley, Gary Lucas and anyone else involved in the making of this incredible album because it really was a formative experience and I wouldn’t be the same person without it.

Sea Change – Beck
This album feels like a breath of fresh air for me.  Like all the albums on this list it’s one of my main touching stones and really resonates with me personally from the lyrics to all the beautiful sounds and string arrangements that have made up such a beautiful body of work.  As well as the music, the creative direction around the videos and imagery fit so perfectly with the music on the album.

Talkie Walkie – Air
French band, Air, is a major influence for me.  I’d been listening to this album since I was very young and it has definitely shaped the way I listen to music.  This album, along with many of their others, has opened my ears to different sounds and has broadened the horizons for my own music, motivating me to always experiment and push the barriers no matter how unconventional or seemingly bizarre.  

In Rainbows – Radiohead
One of the biggest challenges when it comes to ranking top 5 albums is trying to figure out how to put only one Radiohead album in there and even more difficult trying to pick which one.  I chose this particular album because it’s that one I repetitively listen to all the way through over and over.  So many of these tracks take on a mind of their own and they can all stand separately from each other and with each other and are extremely strong regardless which is undoubtedly common for Radiohead.

 Is This Desire? – PJ Harvey 
One of my favourite things about PJ is her experimentation and the fact that she never wants to repeat the same thing twice.  This really stands out in this album with so many amazingly unique songs with sounds that are completely her own.  When I first heard this album it was when a friend first got her license and we had the volume full blast.  I fell in love with it instantly.