Review by Andrea Royston

Josh Pyke’s first studio album in five years, Rome, finds him coming to terms with a simple fact: everything fades. However, for the Sydney-based artist there is hope and beauty in accepting one of life’s hard truths. “It’s that line, all roads lead to Rome,” he explains. “You can’t escape yourself. You can’t escape the reality of your own experience and your own life, and Rome as it was when it was in its great period doesn’t exist anymore. Everything fades, everything crumbles, and you can’t escape that experience, and all roads lead back to that fact.

Pyke’s five-year break was a period that included a two-year break from performance. For those of you who may have heard the name but who aren’t familiar with who Josh Pyke is, he is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter who flew to national prominence in 2005 with his debut album, Middle Of The Hill. This memory filled album opened many doors for Pyke and he has been a well-known figure on Australia’s music scene ever since.

Rome is out later this week and we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek at this 11-track melodic and beautiful release! The opener ‘Old Times’ Sake’ sets the mood to a meaningful and inspirational one with its peaceful melody and signature Pyke lyrics.

The upbeat third track ‘I Thought We Were A River” holds a strong alternative rock feel with its sharp and catchy chorus. This song is a reminder of Pyke’s natural ability to draw the listener right in and connect through the lyrical journey.

‘Don’t Let It Wait’ is a relatable track. It gives listeners the chance to stop and remind themselves not to let things slip you by. As the title states, don’t let it wait – seize the day!

This assortment carries the themes of change and reflection. After listening to the album in full it is almost as though you have received some life coaching. It is so inspirational and a strong reminder to be true to yourself. Exactly what we need to hear during current times.

These are just some of the standout tracks and we don’t want to expose too much and ruin the surprise. We rate this album and it is definitely one to check out. This is a prime example of something positive to come from this crazy year! Thank you, Josh Pyke.