Nine one one (Poolside Remix)

One of my all time favourite producers and a major inspiration for my own project.  

He just gets vibe like no other.

Don’t start now (Purple Disco Machine)

This is bang on trend, 80s vibes super fun and I’ve always loved their work. You know what you’re going to get with a Purple Disco Machine remix- it’s going to be retro and delicious. There were a stack of remixes of this track, in my mind this is the one for 2020.

Blinding Lights (Chromatics Remix)

I mean… I truly love this remix, I like it better than the original. That is always the goal as a remixer, can you create a different world for it to live in. 

Is it true (Four Tet Remix)

This remix of our Aussie band is so delicate and pretty. So skillful, it takes you on this gorgeous lush journey.

I leave again (Japanese wallpaper remix)

Petit Biscuit and Shallou, two of my favourites – then for Japanese wallpaper to do the remix is WOW. Dream team right there. It suddenly feels like a scene from a movie, this remix is cinematic.