Brisbane indie pop rock outfit The Jensens are charged up and today dropped their brand new single Paper Walls, a fiery track about pulling yourself up out of a self-doubt spiral.  Paper Walls is accompanied by a colourful, wild video clip, created in collaboration with visual artist Unclechronicbone.  The single precedes The Jensens’ highly anticipated new album Hammer and Blush, scheduled for release on May 21, 2021.  Set to launch Paper Walls in style with a short run of COVID-safe shows in Queensland, the band will kick off at Solbar on November 6, moving through Mo’s Desert Clubhouse on December 4 and finishing up with the official single launch at Black Bear Lodge on December 11.

Paper Walls is an explosion of energy, hooking the listener in from the opening synth line to the final descent of the bass.  Evocative of The StrokesBloc Party and even Tame ImpalaPaper Walls is a certified dancefloor-filler – it’s impossible not to picture dancing to this track in a crowded, sweaty pub.  Playful toy piano punctuates the steady, thumping beat, while Joe White’s vocals tear through amongst the poppy chaos.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Joe says, “Paper walls are resolutions without any weight – like sand castle promises to yourself, washed away by the weekend.  Unending internal conversations about doing more, being more, and seeing more, when you realise you’ve once again chosen bad habits over hard work.  And who could blame you?  But there’s still a desire for self improvement that doesn’t go away, so you turn your back on your former self, again and again.  It’s not about being hard on yourself, it’s about having faith in a vision of a better version of you.” 

The video for Paper Walls is a colourful, almost psychedelic romp through the life of the band; lofi and irresistible, the clip is cleverly shot in split screen, each side its own dose of frivolity showcasing The Jensens’ wholesome friendship and sense of fun.  Filmed, edited and directed by James Hornsby, the clip feels like reaching the other side of a depressive episode – where everything feels colourful and fascinating again.  

Paper Walls has been released ahead of The Jensens upcoming album Hammer and Blush, a stunning collection of brilliant, eclectic music from one of Australia’s most underrated bands.  From the electronic dance vibes of album opener Unobtainium, to the soft groove of ZIBA, to the dreamy, graceful closer The Elegant Ones, this collection of songs is highly curated, deeply considered, and truly brilliant to behold.  Reflecting on the process of making the album, Joe explains, “I feel like we’ve covered a lot of bases on this album, both sonically and thematically.  It’s taken the least time from song inception to completion too, which doesn’t mean we haven’t laboured over every track, but there’s a certain element of spontaneity.  We always set out to do our best and cover new ground and I think we can truly say we’ve done that with Hammer and Blush.  It’s equal parts fear of and optimism for the future, regret and pride for the past and an observation of what is.”

The Jensens are no strangers to the stage, having supported the likes of Last Dinosaurs, The Vaccines, Kingswood, Bleeding Knees Club and more, and played at iconic festivals Splendour In The GrassGrampians Music Festival and more.  Fans should get in quick to snap up tickets to these extremely exclusive shows as The Jensens live experience is not to be missed. 

Paper Walls is available now.

Hammer and Blush is set for release May 21, 2021.

The Jensens is Bodi Lowrie – Spaceship, Joe White – Vocals/Guitar, Jordan Aston – Bass, Phillip Fabros – Drums & Nathan Kendall – Vocals/Guitar.  https://www.thejensensband.com