We love how their music and sound is so broad but at the same time so unique and distinctive. They’ve always been so experimental with their instruments and sounds and that’s something we’re really striving for going forward.

Similar to The Jungle Giants, the way Ball Park can create new but unique and distinctive sounds is something we admire so much. We love how every song of theirs is so infectious and you only get good vibes from them! Their live sets are crazy and the way they perform is something that has really inspired us to back ourselves to create music.

Kevin really doesn’t make a bad song! We’re both in awe of the man and how he pays so much attention to detail in every part of every song. We also love the range of genres that he’s been able to explore, and in that time learnt to produce himself. So talented and someone we have huge respect for.

How can you not put these fellas on the list?! We’ve both grown up listening to them and they’re really the pinnacle. The way they went about creating music and experimenting with genres is next level and something that inspires us to explore in our music.

Feel-good vibe central! Such a talented and vibey band, and Dave at the centre of it all can really make some magic. The sounds they create and the process behind making them is so inspiring and blows our minds. Each song is a story and this is a huge part of the attraction we have towards them, and an aspect of writing that we want to implement more into our music. We’re also so starstruck at how Joe (drummer) can play those beats live. They’re bloody hectic!