Bob Evan’s has recently release some new music to add to his impressive catalogue. We got to hear from Bob on the five things he misses most about WA!

The only thing about living in Victoria that I still haven’t gotten used to after more than 10 years living here is the weather.  I will probably never get used to it.  The Western Australian weather has become part of my DNA.  I want to be able to dry clothes out on the line for months and months on end.  My wife and kids, (all Victorians), start commenting about how hot it is before it even gets to 30 degrees.  They have to wear wetsuits down the beach, even during Summer!  The Western Australian climate, that Medditeranean vibe, is the best in the world and I will always remember those glorious Springs and long Summers with such fondness.

There are a lot of things about WA that I fell back in love with after I’d moved away.  Growing up there you inevitably end up taking things for granted.  After a few years being away, I started to see the city more like a visitor would and I’d find myself becoming re-engaged with lots of areas and Fremantle was one of them.  I much prefer to stay there now than in the city if I can.  I love the memories it brings back when I am there, of busking in the markets, visiting my friends apartment, fish and chips and Little Creatures, the Esplanade and of course that natural miracle, the Freo Doctor, that cool breeze that arrives each day like clock work and acts like an elixir on a hot day.  It’s magic!  Growing up there I just thought everywhere had an afternoon sea breeze just after lunch!  Now I miss it so much!  

I lived in and around Mt Lawley and Joondanna for the last years I was in Perth before I moved away.  There was a time where myself and my house mates would do karaoke at the Rosemount Hotel on a particular week night.  It was great fun cos the only other people that seemed to go were students from WAAPA.  We’d sing, get drunk and walk home.  A song from Suburban Songbook (my second album) “Me and My Friend” was written about walking around this area and getting a drink.  Now when I go there it has a very busy beer garden but it’s still a great place to play shows and watch them too.

Cottesloe beach was my favourite in the metro area.  I loved the towering Norfolk pine trees and how at dusk the noise from a thousand birds all going absolutely nuts would ring out everywhere.  What a place to watch the sun go down!  You can’t watch the sun go down over the beach where I live.  I miss that.  It’s a thing of beauty and it happens every single day.

Well I couldn’t possibly leave my dear old mother off this list could I?  She’s had a tough year as she lives alone and works in the live arts industry too, so lost her work and her social life with it.  She still lives in the house in Bull Creek where I grew up. She does very well for her age and as a parent myself, I’ve definitely missed getting all that free babysitting I would have been able to take advantage of had we lived in the same place.  

New single Born Yesterday released 19th November 2020


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