WA born, Eli Greeneyes has just realised his new single and music video, 21 an anthem for the cool kids, perfect for summer road trips or weekend afternoons with mates in the sun. Syncopated beats and overdriven guitar riffs undertone the affecting lyrics in a way that remind me of early Coldplay or The Kooks, while building to a great crescendo making this a Brit-pop inspired tune!  21 is a reflection of expectation vs reality in self-discovery on the journey to independence and adulthood.  Stream: 21

The video clip for 21 is a throwback to 90s influences with Eli performing directly to the camera in an almost Jamiroquai fashion, as we move through a very Australian summer farm environment with bright colours and fast pacing.  Watch: 21

21 has already captured the attention of Triple J Unearthed with 4.5 star reviews across the board!

I hold this place pretty close to my heart since I first started playing there around 16. they’ve got a new manager n that they’re now and the place is really starting to come to life even more so. I was always really fond of the sticky carpet and chaotic atmosphere of that place but now it’s really coming into its own with a sick vibe to have a beer or in my case whiskey by the pool. Also a mint venue to play. 

Kind of similar reasons of the time I started playing there but I just remember the sound guy panther! I remember meeting him for the first time and going “this blokes full on” and then getting to know him! Bloody ripper bloke! also panther is a fucking awesome name! A big fan of the room and the out door part too where everyone’s out having a smoke and a big old chinwag! I dunno man I just love pubs! 

That main band room is fucking great! and so is the beer garden! food is also sick! They’re pizza and wings are the ones I go to usually! Fond memories of playing in that place and getting a bit rinsed after the shows, then plodding along to the city after.

Always been excited to play and hang out to have some tucker. The food is amazing, the hospitality with the bands is amazing and the show is always great too! One year we had a few people come back to the band house when we weren’t aloud too and made a bit of noise and got banned for a year from playing there which was a bit sad but yeah there was a few things kicking off that night ahahha! They really look after bands they’re and the atmosphere of being down south away from the city but still being in really decent pub is always a good time! 

When I first moved back to WA I moved to Dardanup near Bunbury with my girlfriend and her brothers from Vic, so a few nights were spent at the prince! they’ve just done up the band room now so it’s awesome to go watch a band and have a bevy! good, simple pub!