ANIMA – Thom Yorke
The first time I heard this album my friend and I took a drive up to the Dandenong Ranges.  We had it playing full blast in the car going around winding roads hugged by tall trees and green shrubbery travelling higher and higher up the mountain.  It was honestly a first listen that I’ll never forget, it truly is that incredible.

White Bread Black Beer – Scritti Politti 
This album is so familiar to me it has that feeling of home.  That comfort may also come from Green Gartside’s warm and bright voice, with detailed lyrics that take you right into his world.  It is completely unique.  For me it evokes a perfect mixture of joy and melancholy.  I’m grateful this was created for so many reasons.

Modern Guilt – Beck
This is such an incredible album by Beck. He is a master of innovation.  He opened my mind even further to how little boundaries there are in music.  The way he wraps these incredibly composed instruments around these beautiful melodies working cohesively with hard hitting lyrics.  This album woke up some emotions I didn’t know I had.

Further – The Chemical Brothers 
I’ve had some special and memorable moments to this album.  It has definitely weaved it’s way into my life and is here to stay.  It is so atmospheric, with every sound playing an integral part.  This is the perfect album to listen to while driving down a dark road on a balmy night with a cityscape and the windows down.  You won’t be disappointed.

 Colour Green – Sibylle Baier 
While being only Sibylle’s voice and an acoustic guitar this album packs so much power and meaning.  I first came across her album when I was on a youtube tangent late one night and had to listen to the whole album straight through.  Her voice is so pure and there’s so much beauty in her poetic lyrics and melodies.  There’s a cleansing and grounding force of her music that can be compared with the feeling of being connected to nature.