Unapologetic and explosive, noise pop-rock project Midnight Drags has today announced a new single It’s True (I Can’t Stand Myself), a blistering look at self-loathing, out today, January 29.  Midnight Drags, the solo project of artist Lucas James, has also announced the release date for his highly anticipated new album Bad Business, out February 26 2021 and available for pre-order now.

It’s True (I Can’t Stand Myself) has a darker edge to it than preceding single Ronnie – heavy yet still with tinges of glam rock, It’s True is all sneering, fiery guitar lines and heavy, irresistible percussion (not to mention, everpresent cowbell).  It feels like Cheap Trick, almost like a heavy David Bowie, but not without modern influences such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and Eskimo Joe.  Offering some insight into the inspiration behind the track, James says, It’s True is really a song about self loathing and being in an emotionally dark place.  It’s about not feeling worthy of being in a relationship and pushing somebody you really care about away.  It’s another dark song that I loved sweetening up with some bigger pop-rock elements.”

It’s True precedes Midnight Drags’ new album Bad Business, and the title of the album pretty much sums it all up – it’s a heavy, at times sparkling, rocking record about truly bad business, and everything that surrounds it.  Classic rock influences meet head on with modern taste, and the varied and colourful record is sure to impress both new and old fans alike.  Describing the record, James says, “The main themes of the album are loss, longing, drugs, criminal endeavours, the music industry and depression.. ha! I  guess it is pretty dark – it’s called ‘Bad Business’ and that is what it is about.  Although it covers some pretty grim subjects and touches on fairly depressive content, I think it still has an upbeat vibe musically.  I wanted to make an album that had loud guitars and guitar solos, ballads, rocking drums, big melodies and instrumental songs…A ‘classic’ album vibe you could say!  It was tracked to tape and played by real instruments, and it’s was conceived as a ‘whole album’ over two sides. I can’t wait to put it out on vinyl.”

Speaking on the recording process of Bad Business, James continues, “I recorded the album at my studio with the help of a talented friend (and ex bandmate) Wez Prictor, he helped press the buttons and engineer when I was busy playing crappy fuzz solos!  Bad Business was co-produced with Ash Naylor who is a god-send when it comes to musical decisions, he has such a great instinct and was the perfect sounding board for me.   The album was mixed by Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5, The Replacements). He is a legend in the industry and was a joy to work with.”

If It’s True (I Can’t Stand Myself) is anything to go by, Bad Business is going to be a ripper of a record.  Speaking on the formation of the Midnight Drags project, James reveals, Midnight Drags was borne out of a desire to play some of my slightly scuzzy power-pop with a band as I’d usually always recorded on my own and tried to cover all bases by myself.  This was a chance to let go of some of that creative control and allow other amazingly talented people to become part of the process and outcome. Glad I did.”

Midnight Drags is Lucas James.

It’s True (I Can’t Stand Myself) is out now.

Bad Business is out February 26, 2021.