When I was 11 my Grandma came to visit and showed me how to make my bed very neatly.   I have made my bed every single morning since then. Our beds play such an important role in our lives and are often neglected. My dear friend and master drawer Jo Lane worked on a series of beds in 2020.  Described as ‘human landscapes of comfort and disturbance’ I think they are beautiful studies of trace and memory. 


I love making a big pot of black tea first thing in the morning and I drink about three cups before midday.  Late last year I did a 3 day ceramics workshop with my partner at master potter Zolt Faludi’s home studio.  I made three vessels for drinking tea from and I love them!!!  Check out Zolti’s instagram.



When I am home I walk around my house and my garden with my tea and I chat quietly with my plants.  They are excellent listeners.  I let them know how well they are doing, ask them if they need anything from me and I let them know how grateful I am for their beauty in my life.  If I stay with friends I chat with their plants too.  The plants sometimes seem surprised but always happy to be noticed. 

Here is a photo of my workspace as I am making this list. 

I sing every single day, I’ve been singing since I could talk and writing melodies since I could walk.  I feel like it’s the reason I exist. I love putting on records in the car and singing along or just making up melodies when I’m washing the dishes or hanging out the laundry. 

Here is a link to an acoustic live stream I did in July last year from my home. It features acoustic versions of some singles and some unreleased songs. 


I am a trained dental nurse and worked assisting a dentist in the remote Kimberley for 2 years. I learned about dental hygiene and have been obsessed ever since.  I can’t go to sleep without flossing. I just looked up a bunch of flossing videos and let’s face it it’s kinda gross to watch people flossing up close.  So here is a photo of me showing off my flossed teeth in the studio.