Dallas Green – I begin paying homage to someone I’ve grown up with since 2009 (City & Colour). His angelic vocals and seamless chest to head transitions are something I’ve always aspired to. Seeing him at Melbourne’s Workers Club with another 100 people will be a favourite life-long memory. 

Corey Kilgannon – A kid from the southern states of the US. He sings a lot of politics and religion and has a fun mind for production. It’s quite a stimulating listen but I’ve found it always charged my brain and gets me thinking which is how I’d like my music to make people feel.

Angie McMahon – A Melbourne local that’s tapped into such a timeless process of lyricism and songwriting. She navigates her band with such carefully orchestrated instrumentation. Her fluid sense of time and the structure to her songwriting is something I believe Waits, Cash and Dylan would dig – speaking of, these guys are the foundation that underpin this entire list.

Timothy James Bowen – A man based in Sydney, born to write songs. His album Steel and wood is so simple and so perfect. His storytelling, symbolism and vocals blend so perfectly. A great capturing of folk/country songwriting and live performance. I’ve spent so many hours listening to that album.

Jeff Buckley – The man who was the biggest inspiration to Dallas Green. I’ve picked everyone from the contemporary landscape. Jeff is at least a little old school. His live album     ‘Live at Sine’ gives such insight into the passion behind creativity, passion and holding an audience captive. His falsetto and chaotic nature enthralling. It appears unreal vocals and songwriting get the job done for me.