“Having first formed in Sydney’s West a few years ago, Avalanche have been making a name for themselves as purveyors of blistering Aussie hard-rock in much the same vein as those who came before them, with clear influences being taken from the likes of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, and The Angels. On their latest track, these influences are clearer than ever, with Avalanche delivering a track that is evocative of all those artists who have spent their days practicing their craft with dreams of making it all the way to the top.” Rolling Stone.

Sydney’s hardest-rocking four piece Avalanche have today announced their rollicking new single Second Hand Band, a powerful track that encapsulates what it’s like for a rock n roll band on their way to the top, out April 9.  The band have also released a potent video to accompany Second Hand Band, an ode to the band’s beginnings, rehearsing in an old steel factory in Sydney’s west.  Avalanche’s highly anticipated new EP of the same name is set for release on May 11, and the group will be heading out on a massive east coast tour to celebrate, kicking off at Crowbar in Sydney for Home Brewed Festival on April 9, then moving through Port Kembla, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Wollongong, Newcastle, back through Sydney, then wrapping up at The Basement in Canberra on August 14. 

The new single, Second Hand Band, is evocative of the Aussie pub rock greats – AC/DCRose TattooThe Angels – but with a modern, unique Avalanche spin.  The listener can hear the years of practice, passion and grind that has gone into this project, and anyone who has ever dreamt of a life as a musician will relate to the subject matter behind this heavy, gritty romp.  Lead vocalist Steven Campbell says, With Second Hand Band, we tried to capture our experiences as a young rock band in Australia and the way we kinda see ourselves and how others may see us in the industry; thoroughly used, gently bruised and in somewhat working order and trying to find our own voice, where all the music we play is influenced by what we grew up on, the music in our dad’s record collection and the dirty pub rock of Australia’s past, but played through our generation. Because when you’re first starting out as a band and you’re at the absolute bottom of the feeding chain, a good live show is the only thing you have, so you better make it fucking phenomenal.  That’s what we learned very early on and we always work our arses off at every show to do that, and then we kinda worked backwards from there to get that on tape and in our songwriting, and so the single and EP was born.” The video for Second Hand Band captures exactly that – the exceptional live show that has been at the forefront of Avalanche’s practice since the very beginning.  Dramatic, sweaty and exciting, the video demonstrates Avalanche’s commitment to true entertainment. 

The EP is as dirty, hard-rocking and moshpit-filling as one might imagine after hearing the single Second Hand Band for the first time.  Recorded at DEF WOLF Studios with producer and engineer Mark Matula, the EP is as hectic and brash as you’d hope for from a rock n roll band like Avalanche.  It’s a full-body experience; guitars and drums right in your face from the get-go, with lead vocalist Steven Campbell’s voice punching through the noise.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the EP, Steven reflects, “Well, this EP basically is about our experiences so far as a rock band and also just as people and where we’re at in our lives and jobs and all that.  We have songs like Down in The GutterPermanent Ink and Spit in My Mouth that are very fast, aggressive songs, about life and fuckwits getting you down, not taking what others try to shove down your throat and not caring about what other people think.  Then we have ‘Get Back (To Fuckwit City)’ which is basically just a fun, tongue in cheek ode to our home city of Sydney!”

The true Avalanche experience is to witness them live – and luckily for fans they will be heading out on an extensive Australian tour to celebrate the release of Second Hand Band in April through to August 2021.  Giving audiences a taste of what to expect from their explosive live show, Steven says, “Our live shows are what we do all this stuff for and when people come they should expect a good time.  They should feel like they’re at the craziest, wildest party they’ve ever been too, you know the one that ends up on the local news.  The ones you can’t quite remember, but you’ll never forget.  They should expect blood, sweat, piss and hell even some tears sometimes – our live show is what we’ve come to be known for and something you gotta experience to understand, and our new material encapsulated it better than ever.”

Second Hand Band (single) is out April 9. Second Hand Band (EP) is out May 11 and is available to pre-save and pre-order now

Avalanche is Steven CampbellVeronica CampbellArthur Divis and Ryan Roma.


Amy – Amyl And The Sniffers
Veronica Campbell (lead guitar): Amy and the sniffers are awesome, Ryan (our drummer) actually got us into em cos he’s really into his punk rock. We all really love their raw, old school, Aussie rock punk sound, and they really know how to put on a good show, especially Amy who is an absolute firecracker on stage and one of the most entertaining front women I know off. We actually bumped into her after one of our shows in Melbourne on our last tour and she was super nice, she’s mates with a lot of the bands we’re mates with, so we had a quick chat, we took a few photos and she touched Ryan’s arse which he will always hold dear.

Chrissy Amphlett – Divinyls
She’s definitely a bit of a legend, and there’s not much more I can say as I don’t think there’s anyone in Australia who doesn’t know who she is. I love how she pulled off the school girl uniform thing too, I would never have the balls to do that haha. She had a great voice and a great stage presence and left behind quite a legacy.

I knew of Orianthi for ages but funnily enough, I didn’t know she was Australian initially because she had so much international success. Seeing an Aussie girl playing guitar for the likes of Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper is definitely super inspiring and not something you see everyday. While her playing is pretty different to my style, I have mad respect for her because she’s really a phenomenal guitarist.

Janet English – Spiderbait
She’s pretty damn cool and Spiderbait are awesome, I bloody love their cover of Black Betty too. They have an epic sound. Haven’t seen them live yet but definitely want to.

Suze DeMarchi – Baby Animals
Baby Animals are massive and she is an awesome front woman and guitarist. Another band I haven’t seen live yet but definitely planning too.