Top 5 Musical Influences Listicle from Kit Hepburn for his dark and moody new single left alone, written about the loneliness and isolation of 2020 (something that this week is especially prescient given the situation we find ourselves here in Victoria!!) [LISTEN: LEFT ALONE] and his great accompanying music video [WATCH: LEFT ALONE].

Living legends with one of the most solid discographies – Radiohead was the band that opened me up musically to so many styles and ways of expressing emotion musically. My teenage years were soundtracked by their atmospheric, sometimes weird and always evocative music, and has influenced me massively as a musician.

One of the coolest artists; an enigma, a genius. I got onto Frank Ocean late when Blonde dropped in 2016 – and after hearing the tracks Nights, Ivy and Siegfried, I was instantly hooked on the atmospheric, textured and intimate sound of the record, as well as Frank’s amazing storytelling ability. His ability to blend elements of indie, hip hop and r&b have massively inspired me, and serve as a reminder of what is possible by experimenting with these styles. Right now I’m listening to his lesser known project Endless, an ambient, layered and beautiful album which I cannot recommend enough. 

Demon Days was the first album I ever bought as a 9 year old kid, and has taught me the power of creating a collaborative record, whilst maintaining a unique aesthetic. The ability of Damon Albarn to pull and unify different sounds from artists spanning different generations, whilst maintaining his own unique voice inspires me both as a singer and songwriter, as well as producer.

The man that showed me that music production was possible, I remember listening to Flume’s self-titled first album and being absolutely blown away by his unique and emotive sound on tracks like Left Alone, and Insane. I remember watching a heap of content about his production process, and becoming hooked on the idea of learning how to produce myself. Definitely one of my early influences and heroes, the music of Flume will always hold a special place in my heart. 

One of the greatest producers, period. The music of J Dilla has had a lasting impact and enduring influence on hip-hop, electronic and even jazz, with his emotive and unique sampling technique, off kilter drum beats and lo-fi aesthetic bringing a unique human quality to his beats. Whenever I make a beat or instrumental for one of my songs, I always consider the techniques of Dilla in my process.