Honestly they would have to be one of our favourite bands. Their lightshow is insane and their songs are so catchy. Definitely on the bucket list to write with them or play with them on stage! We still have the light wristbands at home from their show they did at suncorp years ago. 

We are in love with his vocals and his falsetto. You probably hear similar vocal vibes in our songs. His songwriting and his deep thoughts really shine through his songs. Such an inspirational human! 

His songs have such a vibe! As a songwriter that’s everything we inspire to be like! He can get a crowd moving and WOW what a live show he puts on! 

Their sounds and drums are just perfection. Takes you on a journey every time I hear their tunes, and that’s exactly what we want people to do when they listen to ours.

His vocals are incredible and we love how he is a prime example of less is more sometimes. He lets the song tell the story… We try to do the same with our songs! He is amazing.