An artist close to my heart making innovative Persian influenced hip hop. She’s a total creative force to be reckoned with, from the insane visuals to her distinct production style. Check out the video for her latest single with Party Favor here!

You’ve got to check out their sleuthy latest music video for How It Would End, These guys are super smooth with incredible hooks and impeccable aesthetic. Would totally recommend checking them out if you love groove-based catchy tunes.

I love these guys! Lips are about to release their debut album and go on tour – they’re synthy punky high-energy and totally badass. Here’s their vid for their single from the upcoming album  ‘Your Deodorant Doesn’t Work’!

Chelsea is like an ethereal alt pop angel. Her music videos are pure art and she channels a sense of minimalism in everything from production style to social media that’s super pleasing. This song ‘Laugh It Off’ lives rent-free in my head.

Wells* is a genius songwriter and producer, and absolutely someone to key an eye on in the NZ music industry. His track ‘Picture On The Wall’ is one of my favourite songs of the last few years.