Inventive and compelling, Melbourne based multi-hyphenate singer songwriter Benedict recently shared their powerful new single Wake Up, an anthemic call to action that speaks on behalf of all humanity, calling for understanding and peace.  Wake Up is out now via Tomboi Records, and accompanying the track is a visually stunning and deeply emotive clip, co-directed and choreographed by Benedict, Andy Chappell and Kelly Thomas. Benedict will also be launching the release with an intimate show at The Toff In Town on September 9!

Demi Lovato
They recently came out as non binary and are a huge advocate for the LGBTQIA plus community! Living their true self!

Lady Gaga
She never ceases to amaze me! After her track ‘Born this Way’, she just keeps getting better and stronger. A massive support and advocate for the community. Helping so many young LGBTQIAplus peoples and being a witness of true love.

Lil Nas X
After his performance at the BET awards I felt like he made a huge statement and I was so proud to see him do what he does best up on that stage! That kiss! You do your thing queen! ‘Have I got a witness’! Not living in fear! LOVE!

Aussie artist! They came out as non binary recently and again being an awesome representation of living as your true self and being proud! 

I am going to say LION X! Just freshly signed to my label TOMBOI RECORDS. He is 20, out and proud! Self produced, Ethiopian/Australian. I know what is coming so to me he is already making waves. And has just landed a sync deal with an amazing LA team so stay tuned!….