Harmony Byrne
I doubt she’d remember this but I actually met Harmony about ten years ago at a rundown share house I was living in and heard her play a few songs, and I was absolutely stunned. All these years later and I was stoked to see her first longplay release pop up on my spotify feed. The lead single “Loving You is Lonely” is a production masterclass that reminds me of a darker Stevie Nicks kind of hit. There’s some absolutely rocking tracks on this album too and her live performance is off tap.

I’ve watched Neeko’s journey as a musician evolve for many years now and couldn’t be more impressed with this production collaboration with indie producer Jonathon Collins. Emotive storytelling and an otherworldly vocal performance, there is so much more music to look forward to from Neeko.

Maple Glider
It always amazes me when a songwriter can make such a huge sound little more than a nylon guitar, snare drum and their voice. Maple Glider’s melodies, lyrics, and vocal performance carry so much weight to them that she needs little else to tell her story. Her first album “To Enjoy is the Only Thing” is powerful and healing.

Harrison R. King
I know Harrison pretty well and played a lot of music with him when we had both first left school, so I saw a fair bit of him as he was recording his first EP “In Good Time”, and went to a lot of the band’s shows. Honestly it is often really hard to lose myself in the music of close friends because knowing an artist can somehow distort the way I receive the music and lyrics. But I never had any resistance to Harry’s music. It is the absolute definition of tasteful and groovy, and I miss seeing him and his group perform more than any other live act, hands down.

Danika Smith
I think it very likely that in a year or two that Danika will not be an emerging artist but actually very well established. Her single “Suit of Armour” has a really dark and captivating sound that reminds me a bit of Big Thief, but with that iconic taste of Melbourne’s neo-soul sound that is quickly spreading across Australia and beyond.