Eli Greeneyes is exactly the kind of artist we need in 2021 – eccentric, exciting, guitar-driven pop reminiscent of classics Oasis and Something For Kate but also modern pop rulers Yungblud and even Billie Eilish – and today, he has announced his electric new single and video She Don’t Care. The WA-based musician will be performing a one off, hometown headline show at Indian Ocean Hotel on September 24, and off the back of his collaboration with Perth hip hop royalty DRAPHT on his new album Shadows and Shinings (also released today), Eli Greeneyes will be joiningDRAPHT on the road for his extensive 13 WA-date album tour in September, October and November this year.

He’s been one of my best mates and we’ve made music together for quite a few years now. He’s just released his latest album which I had a bit to do with from production to featuring on a few tracks. Honestly watching this dude work for a few years now has been a huge lesson in dedication, songwriting, creativity and business! Paul put his wing over me quite early on and I have huge respect for him as a standup human being first and foremost.

I’ve played a few shows with them. Good songs, good band, good singer, good people.

Another one I’ve been friends with for a very long time LEGEND!. One of the most talented songwriters I’ve ever known and probably the funniest person I know to be honest.

Good Band and the singer Grace has a gigantic souring voice!  

I saw them live in bunbury once and they were so sick! Good songs, great live show and they don’t seem to give a fuck. It’s a take it or leave it scenario to watch them live. Punk Shit!