Everyone’s in the midst of Christmas shopping right now, and the H3RIZON girls are here to help! Here’s what Bernie, Tiara and Gabby reckon you should get for even the trickiest person to buy for!

What should I give to my new boyfriend for Christmas? We haven’t been going out for long!
Try to give him something sentimental! Something that reminds him of a special memory he either shares with you or with a loved one! Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most to someone, so he might appreciate it a lot more than you think!

What should I give to my boss for Christmas? I don’t know much about her!
A simple gift like flowers and a nice card to say thanks is always nice to give your boss on Christmas! Its a gift that can never go wrong especially if you don’t know too much about them.

What should I give to my neighbour for Christmas? They always water my plants when I go away, so I want to give them a Christmas gift as a thankyou!
I’d say a nice set of scented candles or a reed diffuser would be a nice gift to give that makes a great addition to their home. It’ll definitely set the mood for Christmas and keep their house cozy and fragrant!

What should I give to my partner’s parents for Christmas? It needs to suit both of them. 
I think an undeniably classy experience that both parents would appreciate is an all-expenses-paid wine and cheese tasting, especially if it’s at a beautiful scenic location. Who doesn’t love a little getaway with food and wine as the highlight? The opportunity to relax and bond with each other is the perfect gift you could give to any couple. 

My Grandma always gets so many gifts at Christmas from the whole family and it’s usually stuff she doesn’t want or need. What should I give to her that she’ll actually use?
Aside from spending quality time with your grandma, a thoughtful gift she’d probably need is a comfortable pillow! According to my Google search, as we age, we experience less deep sleep, which is the part a lot of us love about sleeping. You could even add in a customised pillow case that reminds her of you and the family, or anything they love! I think she’d definitely appreciate being able to get that good night’s sleep in.