I could totally list acts like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande here but I thought I would list some pop acts that I think are super underrated!

Probably one of my favourite bands ever and a big inspiration in the making of my most recent singles. When I first started working with producer Maude Minnie Morris, we found a lot of common ground in our love of MUNA’s songwriting and production. Their album ‘Saves The World’ perfectly walks the line of emotional, euphoric pop music, which is totally up my street. My favourite tracks from MUNA are Hands OffNavy Blue, and Bodies.

Perlo feel like this gem that I hardly ever talk about but listen to most days. ‘Call Me A Fool’ and ‘Day by Day’ are two of my favourite songs of all time – it’s like super calming, luscious pop music? Basically like instant dopamine for me. Their voices are so rich and beautiful together it gives me chills. They haven’t released anything since 2018, so I’m just hoping they’re going to hit us with a masterpiece in the next year or two?

Along the same lines of Perlo are one of my favourite bands from here in New Zealand. There’s something so addictive about Yumi Zouma’s brand of indie pop, soft spoken vocals and super hooky melodies. They’re one of those bands that are consistently great. I would recommend the tracks In Camera, Catastrophe and Cool For A Second.

I feel like Wafia is just getting better and better with every release. I love her voice, it’s smooth and airy and yet so agile through her RnB inflected runs. Tracks I would love to see her play live in the future are Hurricane, Bodies and Flowers & Superpowers.

The Aces have a pretty big following in the US but I still feel like they’re underrated! The energy in their music is the kind of thing you can listen to and just know it’s only going to be even better in a live setting. The writing of the guitar parts in their music is so inspired – my favourite is Volcanic Love. Other tracks I love from them are Lost Angeles and Fake Nice.