Eccentric, unapologetic art-pop connoisseur Montana Sharp has today announced her breathtaking new single Way Of The Whiffler, a clever exploration of the Old English word whiffler as it pertains to the confusion and ever-changing opinions of youth, out today, January 14. Way Of The Whiffler precedes the highly-anticipated release of Montana’s debut EP, Blood Moon, to be released on February 11 – pre-save here.  This highly trained, highly skilled ‘musician’s musician’ marries complex, classical chord structures and motifs with modern, innovative pop songwriting conventions – and audiences can’t get enough.

She’s on this list because I’m proud of her for passing her driver’s licence. No but seriously, if this is what Olivia can accomplish at the age of 18, then I am so excited to see what else she has in store for the future. It’s refreshing to see this level of talent and vulnerability from someone so young. I know we all focus on her age, but the truth is, SOUR is impressive whether she’s 18 or 50. Not only that, but Liv seems like a really sweet and wholesome gal as well. I stan this Gen Z takeover, it’s a new era of good music!

This is someone I look up to a lot, and it’s someone I really resonate with. It’s not only because we both came from piano backgrounds (and Jewish backgrounds!), but because I always get the feeling that Carole is not 100% sure of herself. I admire her career path, and she stayed behind the curtains for so many years, and then BAM! We were hit with the cultural reset of Tapestry and have been musically blessed ever since. I often wish I was born in a different time, so that I too could have been a writer in the iconic Brill building. Those were the days.

The style, the range, the versatility – I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do. This is the thing about Gaga: she does something totally left of field, then society and the media try to brand her for it, and then she goes and does something totally different. Bubblegum Pop? No problem. A Jazz album with Tony Bennett? Piece of Cake. Leading lady in a major motion picture? Just another Tuesday. Meat Dress? Delish. There’s no one more enthralling to watch or listen to.

You know when someone popularised the use of flute in top 40 that they’re doing something right. I think the first song of Lizzo’s I came across was Good as Hell and that’s exactly how I’d define Lizzo, not just as a musician, but as a notable figure too. It’s rare for someone to be so popular, current, edgy, but such a genuinely positive beacon for people too. Her songs are designed to make women feel good about themselves, but even just seeing her pop on Tiktok with her radiant smile is enough to make people feel good about themselves. Great human.

You might say ‘sorry but this ain’t pop’ but it was back in the day. Judy was the ultimate it girl, but that’s not why her story is inspirational to me. We all fall victim to the idea that stardom means happiness, and her story inspires me because it’s a warning, to be careful what you wish for. You can be the most talented and famous woman in pop, or to have ever lived, but if you’re not taking care of yourself/being taken care of … is it really worth it? Judy inspired me to stop thinking about my music career in terms of how I can succeed, and instead how I can utilise it to fulfil my wellbeing.