Following her recent release of new music, Harper Bloom shares her top five Spofity artists – just to give fans a little insight into the mind behind the new single, “Red Rocket”!

Adam Newling: Singing Blackbird
This is one of my favourite songs at the moment. I am a big fan of Adam. His voice is so special, so rich and raspy, and the song writing on this one in particular strikes a nerve. ‘I saw it coming like a big old train, coming off it’s tracks, and I know who I should blame’. How good is that. Such immersive lyrics, and as a songwriter, he makes it seem so easy, but it’s not!

Ball Park Music: Cherub
This is my favourite from Ball Park. I listen to it so much because it’s a masterpiece, from start to finish. It strings you along, and piece by piece with addictive lyrics and Here Come’s The Sun-esque melodies, the song keeps revealing itself, deeper and deeper, until it completely implodes on itself.

Bruce Springsteen: I’m on Fire
This is a timeless classic, and I catch myself listening to it just to feel a piece of a magic for a moment. It’s a short song, so it takes about 10 plays until I am satisfied for the day haha.

The Go-Betweens: Streets of Your Town
I love the suburban Aussie song writing in this. The chorus is so simple, yet we can all relate to it. It just put’s me back into that place, as a kid, running around the streets in your suburb, Mum and Dad weren’t worried, they knew you were having fun somewhere. Some songs just capture a feeling, and this for me captures that careless feeling of youth. That feeling of being alive, but not realising what life even is yet. Classic, timeless, Aussie anthem.

Courtney Barett: Rae St
I’ve been listening to this track a whole lot from Courtney’s latest album. How great is the observant song writing in this one! Also, the key theme, money is no man’s friend – I think we could all learn a fair bit from this track.