Melbourne-via-Darwin artist Local the Neighbour has returned with a shimmering new single Point Guard. An affably effortless outing from a seasoned musician, Point Guard pays tribute to loved ones and connections as Local the Neighbour, aka jazz-drummer-turned-indie-rock-connoisseur David Quested, explores personal thematics and jangly melodics with nimble flair. Amping up the optimism and wholesome feels, Local the Neighbour has also recently released a Super 8 charmer, with the track’s accompanying music video perfectly capturing Point Guard’s endearing themes and vibes.

Hippo Campus – ‘Boys’
SO GOOD. I love this band and this is my favourite song off their latest album. I really like the main riff/melody and the overall arrangement. 

Wallows – ‘Marvelous’
Another band I LOVE! Was really excited about this coming out. Wallows always works with incredible people to make their music cool and interesting. I actually didn’t love this song as much when I first heard it, but then I watched a live performance of it and got really into it.

Big Thief – ‘12,000 Lines’
This whole album is just amazing. Perfect in many ways and just really beautiful from beginning to end. I tried to choose a less obvious favourite song than the singles, but you can’t go wrong with any song. On 12,000 Lines, I just really like the vocals and overall vibe – super raw in the best way.

Kendrick Lamar – ‘United in Grief’
Kendrick is just insane. I don’t think anyone can really deny that. The new album is crazy and is just so so so so good. Normally if I love someone I often struggle with the new album because I’m so in love with the previous stuff, but I remember putting on the album from top to bottom, and as soon as United in Grief played, I knew I was going to love it all.

Charli XCX – ‘Crash’
Charli is the coolest. Nothing much to say, she’s just the best!! I really love how she finds a way to make so many crazy things work and collaborates with such creative people! Really inspiring to me!