Iconic Aussie band Spiderbait have announced their national Tour In The Key of J, a run of unique and special shows dedicated entirely to celebrating the legacy of their revolutionary bass player Janet English, in support of their new album, Sounds in The Key of J, released today, alongside the official video for new single in nine years, My Car’s A UFO.

We got to speak with Whit, who gave his Top 5 Aussie Bands >> check it out >>

Intelligent, purposeful, great musicianship, interesting arrangements and totally unique! The 10-1 album is a masterpiece, kind of a concept album that takes one on a journey from start to finish. Wonderful variation of sounds & instrumentation, great riffs and sublime lyrics. Educational.

Great songs, particularly in the early days that came from a unique take on Australian culture that we didn’t necessarily get to hear from back in those days. I like Mark McEntee’s melodic guitar playing and Chrissy Amphlett’s vocals and lyrics are completely authentic and fearless. Boys In Town is an anthem.

I just love the riffs. Very funky, and Bon Scott is just hilarious when he’s not singing about anything to do with sex. The devil, hell, breaking out of jail and explosives are his strong points.  AC/DC are a sonic paint stripper for pretention in a uniquely Australian way.

I love the name and Everybody Moves is a song that holds a special place in my heart. I first saw them at The Old Greek theatre in Melbourne when I was 19. Great songs.

I used to go see X at the Espy in St Kilda in the late 80’s and I just loved ‘the danger’ that they exuded with Steve Lucas’ Pterodactyl vocals and guitar playing backed by Ian Rilen and the wonderful Cathy Green on drums. Just watching them, I felt like I was doing something illegal.