Come breathe in a blast of lush electronic pop on the brand new track Air from Sydney duo Abroad. An upbeat and atmospheric adventure, Air marks another sharp and stunning 2022 release from Abroad, aka Jack Dawson and Will Cruger. And with previous single Coffee, an equally lush affair, already in their wake earlier this year, the release of Air today also accompanies official confirmation of Abroad’s debut full length album Departure, OUT NOW!!!


Take a trip! Go somewhere away from your usual haunts and take only the necessities. I like to do the “campfire test” which means if your song sounds good with just you and a guitar, it’s something worth keeping.

Coffee. I’ve spent most of my life being a barista for a job, so now I get to use those skills to fuel our creativity. Life’s good when you’ve got flat whites on tap, no matter how late you’re working.

Take a break. Sometimes we had to, living in different cities while we were writing some of the songs, but allowing yourself time away from a track can give you clarity when you come back to it.

More coffee. Drink. More. Coffee.

Be a Hoarder. I like to bring the studio to me, so over the years living Abroad, I bought many of the studio gear and instruments we’ve used on the album. Not super fun to get on a plane though.