Electrifying and infectious, upcoming pop artist JOSHUA recently announced his new single ELASTIC, a hypnotic track about the push and pull of job security as an artist. The self-produced single came off the back of JOSHUA’s 2021 EP Albany, a vast, mature pop offering that explored mental health, love, and toxic relationships.

We got to sit down with him to talk about his fave albums of 2022!

Banks – Serpentina
I’ve been a Banks fan from Day 1 and I’ve loved watching her evolve from project to project but still maintain a thread of continuity throughout. As an artist, I really aspire to emulate that same feeling. This album in particular has these incredible melodies that coincide with this almost-experimental dark production but my all-time favourite quality is Banks’ ability to interweave all these vocal moments that really accentuate the voice as an instrument. Standout tracks are Meteorite and Anything 4 U.

Charli XCX – Crash
This album blew me away. Charli is pop perfection but manages to infuse this particular album with Sophie-esque-hyperpop and 80s synths in this really refreshing way. The arc the listener is taken on throughout this album is a real journey and I think the distillation of emotions into these crystalline tracks is really special. The songs Lightning and Move Me and my favourite of this record, Charli’s vocal delivery is brilliant.

Flume – Palaces
I started learning production because of Flume. Being the massive nerd that I am, I would read interviews of my favourite artists to get as much info as I could about their project and when I found out Flume producers everything on Ableton, I immediately flew down to JB HiFi, bought this tiny MIDI keyboard that came with a free version of Ableton that maxed out at 8 tracks, and sunk my teeth in. Flume’s ability to craft these incredible soundscapes and float between pure electronic experimental pieces and the more pop tracks have had a massive impact on my own project. Say Nothing is such a perfect example of how those two worlds collide to create something spectacular.

Labrinth – Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack
I can’t remember what drew me to watching this show in the first place, but once I started, it had me utterly hooked. The blend between visuals and sound is nothing short of magic. Lately, I’ve been looking for new sounds and concepts to inspire my writing and sound design and Labrinth’s approach to the creative process has been a big inspiration of late. The textures he plays with are nothing short of alchemical, flitting between the angelic and heavenly to the guttural. I particularly love Washing Off the Blood and Skeletons.

Ben Abraham – Friendly Fire
Honesty, vulnerability and integrity are core values of mine and I really feel them in this album. Ben Abraham is a favourite songwriter of mine and I’ve been following him since his early work with Wafia but this solo project is next level. The openness with which Abraham writes is something I’m trying to do more in my own songwriting, really putting it all out there and being vulnerable. I really resonate with War in Your Arms and Boy in a Bubble, those songs are really amazing.