Beats, grooves and husky delights lie in wait on the debut single Let It Go from dynamic drummer and songwriter Kat Greta. Featuring Melbourne’s Charlie Lane on vocals, Let It Go marks a rousing first look into Kat’s impending maiden EP Get Up & Go due out on Friday August 5; and the slick flavours of Let It Go can also be caught live in action in August, with Kat launching her EP live at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on Sunday August 28, with the EP available to grab on vinyl on the night!

We got to speak to Kat recently who gave us her top 5 influential drummers >>

He is absolutely one of the best rock, funk and latin drummers of all time. He’s got a groove like no other – I particularly love the way he plays ‘Good Times Bad Times.’ He also had a hard-hitting style, and such incredible charisma on stage.

Neil Peart was really technical and precise, and yet packed a punch. I love how he turned his sticks around to play with the butt-end of them, because he kept breaking his sticks as a kid and couldn’t afford new ones! I particularly love ‘La Villa Strangiato’.

Ian Paice is mainly left handed, so has a left handed drum-kit set up. He absolutely nails his single and double strokes – they are so smooth! He could also do this one-handed roll which was really impressive. I love his drum intro in ‘The Mule’. 

I grew up with my brother blasting Kiss records every day, so I’ve got the drumming of Peter Criss “Catman” drilled into me. I think he’s actually really underrated. I like his solo in ‘I’m Alive’ and ‘100,000 Years’.   

I just found out recently that Keith Moon was the inspiration for the Muppets character Animal! I love the way he emphasized the toms and cymbals, and had his own unique style of playing. He hated drum solos with a passion, and just outright refused to do them. I always like listening to ‘Happy Jack’.