Renowned as one of Queensland’s hardest working independent artists, enigmatic pop dreamweaver LT returns in joyful and theatrical fashion via her brand new single Rollercoaster was recently released. Also armed with a hard-hitting accompanying music video, Rollercoaster is a shimmering blast of polished dreamy pop with stirring thematics that you’ll fall in love with over and over again.

On The Side got to speak to LT, who shared her fave Aussie Pop Artists with us >>

Tina Arena – Burn

Tina Arena is one of Australia’s most respected artists. Her music has always been around and something I remember hearing a lot as a kid, but it wasn’t until I heard her speak at a music industry conference that I began fangirling.

She’s had so much experience in this industry, she’s so wise and takes no shit and is absolutely hilarious. I have so much respect for her.  All her songs are super anthemic but I love Burn as it reminds me of being a kid in an easy free time.

Eves Karydas – Complicated

I met Hannah a few years back at an event and was really struck by how down to earth and kind she was. When she released Complicated, it was one of the first shiny pop songs I’d heard and truly loved. It’s just such a well written song and on first listen the melody took me in directions I wasn’t expecting. It’s a great song.

Wafia – No Good

I love, love, love this song from Wafia. It’s got such a sick groove and her music always seems so effortless.  It’s a regular on playlists.

E^ST – Talk Deep

Talk Deep is such a bop and paints a clear picture in my mind of those nights when you’ve made a new connection and never want the night to end. I find small talk really uncomfortable and I’m naturally drawn to deep thinkers and late night DnMs.

G Flip – Gay 4 Me

I’ve been a fan of G Flip for a while as their song writing is off the hook but then to see them live at Bass in the Grass earlier this year just blew me away. While Gay 4 Me is more rock-pop, it is a stand out for me as I’ll forever be a fan of any song with a bit of grit and a kick arse drummer.