Australian popstar of tomorrow Arlo Boe has recently announced her new single Eclipsed, a deeply catchy track dedicated to those people who are fabulous in bed…but definitely aren’t ‘marriage material’, out today. The dance-pop track, evocative of Tove Lo and global pop phenomenon Dua Lipa, is another chapter in Arlo Boe’s story, one she is building with incredible detail and cinematic flair.

Eclipsed is just effortlessly cool. It’s the kind of song you can imagine firing up a dancefloor, or sitting comfortably on a summer BBQ playlist, sizzling and pulsing away. Arlo’s sweet, sultry voice takes centre stage, while clever, sharp pop production from Haxx and Rromarin encase her world-class vocal melodies. It’s a total earworm; after just one listen, audiences will find themselves humming the chorus to themselves.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Arlo explains, “The main theme is the magic of intimacy, especially when it is casual. Intimacy can be cosmic but fleeting – I have had an irrational fear of outer space my whole life, and honestly I am quite afraid of commitment…so it’s fitting that my song about being ‘fleetingly intimate’ with someone includes heavy space references! The song follows the turmoil of having a magic moment with someone, but knowing you can never commit to anything more.”

Arlo Boe has a clear vision for each of her singles; each song is a moment, every press shot is perfectly styled to suit the aesthetic of that moment, and her fanbase love her for her determined commitment to her art. Previous singles Lovers on the Run and 80’s Movie have received glowing praise from music blogs across the globe, with 80’s Movie racking up nearly 10,000 streams on Spotify since its release late last year.

For an emerging artist whose debut single dropped only months ago, Arlo Boe is impressively in control. Her plans for the project are far-reaching but do include some local shows in the near future, as she enthuses, “I have another single coming out in October, which will set me up nicely for some gigs later on in the year – that’s really what it’s all about.”