Glossy artist and producer Christian Ruiz has shared Miss You; an effervescent slice of soothing electronic pop released today, June 15. A track detailing unexpected connections alongside calm hooks and airy vocals, as well as Christian’s debut single as a solo artist, Miss You is also accompanied by a music video to dynamically transport you into Christian’s magnetic creative world. 

We got to speak to him about his top 5 fave live gigs he has been to >>

Kanye West Sunday Service – It was an incredible experience seeing Kanye with the Sunday Service choir. There were so many great voices all in sync with each other in his choir. Kanye didn’t come out straight away so I wasn’t sure if he was going to or not. But when he did it was very surreal. He had so much energy and passion it was awesome to see it.

Saosin – One of my favourite bands when I was younger. I used to really like heavy music and the reason I liked Saosin so much was because the music was a mix between metal and rock but with clean vocals over the top. It was almost like hearing metal without screaming. Just a bit softer. They were awesome to see live as well.

Story of the Year – I used to grow up listening to Story of the Year and liked them because their songs were so hard not to sing along to! I also liked playing there stuff when I was learning guitar because it was really fun to play along to. It sounds cliche but they played everything live like their studio songs! They were really exciting to watch!

Tommy Emmanuel – Such a great guitarist and interesting player to see. It’s really hard to play such technical guitar parts on an acoustic guitar with no distortion to hide any mistakes. He plays everything so effortlessly and it’s inspiring to watch as a fellow guitarist!

James Morrison – A very talented and captivating player to watch! He can do things with the trumpet that I never would have thought were possible. Just watching him play solo is incredible but seeing him play with a full band is something else.