It’s nostalgic. It’s soaring. It’s shining, glimmering electro pop, with a thudding indie rock heart – it’s Higher Places, back with the brand new single Still Half In Love, out today. The song describes the feeling of love that lingers between two people just after they’ve ended their relationship; being Still Half In Love with someone you’re no longer with. Higher Places is the solo artist project of producer and session musician Hamish Patrick.

Still Half In Love describes a feeling that many know so well; you may break up with a person for any number of reasons — and sometimes, it’s not because you stopped loving them. In this case, love pours over with nowhere to go and the result is emotional displacement, confusion, and woozy nostalgia for what once was. Higher Places tackles this feeling with stunning beauty, holding it up to the light — a topline master, his vocal moves easily amongst a bright, textured arrangement. Evocative of Wallows and Fred Again…, but with an edge that feels unique to Higher PlacesStill Half In Love is a sophisticated addition to Higher Places’ discography. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Hamish says, “During the early stages of COVID lockdowns, my long term ex-partner and I separated on good terms. I found the period immediately afterwards really hard – we talked every day and were as close as ever, but our relationship had obviously fundamentally changed. I wrote this when trying to process all of this – it’s about knowing that some of your feelings are still there, but that it can’t be the way it was, as much as part of you might still want that.” 

Written, produced and mixed by Hamish, with help from Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper), Alex O’Gorman and Mikey Haydon on drums, Still Half In Love is just the first taste of new music to come from Higher Places this year. The busy master-of-all-trades slots Higher Places in alongside his other musical projects; Audition Tape, an electronic duo formed with songwriter/producer Lauren Coutts (Blusher), touring and session work with Australian musicians Allday, Japanese Wallpaper, Gretta Ray, Yorke and more, mix engineering, and songwriting and production sessions from his studio in Melbourne.