A swooning burst of grooves, good vibes and rugged sheen, the brand new track Out Of My Hands from an almighty team up between Wollongong indie poppers Pirra and Aussie music icon Tim Wheatley is more irresistible than ice cream on a summer’s day. Infectious, buoyant and effortlessly charming, Out Of My Hands also gifts an insight into Pirra’s upcoming new album Spirals which will officially release on Friday September 30 via BLK&WHT Records. Fans can also catch Pirra busting out their sumptuous tunes in September and October, with appearances confirmed at Jungle Love Festival in Queensland, sets at Listen Out festivals in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane and, on the very day of their new album release, a performance at Relish Festival Bellingen Australia alongside the likes of Winston SurfshirtAsh Grunwald and The Black Seeds.

We got to speak with the band to get their fave party starter tunes:

Hugh Jass – Boombodonk
This is something Curt has been blasting recently, and it’s crawled into my brain and made itself at home. Since playing at Rabbits Eat Lettuce earlier this year we’ve really gained a new appreciation for killer DJ sets. Plus the Simpsons quotes are chuckly.

Lil Bit – Peking Duk & Tommy Trash
This is another one that floats around the lounge room parties. It’s simple, it’s catchy, and it works. Warning: a lil bit at a time can equal a lot. Hydrate kids, I’m a dad now so just looking out for ya.

Energy – Stace Cadet & KLP
This one’s like starting the fire with kerosene. Just know your fire exits ok.

Let It Happen – Soulwax Remix – Tame Impala & Soulwax
A great songwriter meets a great remix legend. This is like Godzilla had to face King Kong, but instead they just became good friends and decided to tear the city apart together. It’s beautiful.

James From Taree (Ft. Jess Beck and Aaron Argent) – WAWDWAWG
We all know those nights where everyone’s hanging but not quite sure what you’re going to do tonight. That’s when a strong leader usually emerges to answer the question ‘What are we doing, where are we going?’.