Sparkling emerging pop act Arlo Boe has today announced her cool, wavy new single Hallucinating, an emotive song that describes turning a blind eye in an relationship and hallucinating a world where things are perfect, out today. Arlo has had a massive year, steadily building on her colourful, intricate discography with previous singles Eclipsed and Lovers On The Run.

Hallucinating feels evocative of pop auteurs Dua Lipa and 1989-era Taylor Swift, while still showcasing an edge that is totally unique to Arlo. The sparse, shimmering production showcases Arlo’s soft, gorgeous voice, sweet and inviting, while gentle, steady beats simmer underneath. Produced by Arlo’s longtime collaborators Haxx and Rromarin, Hallucinating is a darker offering from Arlo, demonstrating her deft versatility as a songwriter.

Speaking on the inspiration behind Hallucinating, Arlo says, “In high school I was so in love with the idea of people. If I was hooking up with a guy, I would create this imaginary world where we could be together. I would daydream about being someone’s everything, when in reality, I was nothing to them. The word ‘hallucinating’ is so fitting with that feeling. I was happy to be treated poorly so I could keep pretending, hallucinating, that things were better.”

While the theme behind Hallucinating may be heartbreaking, the end result is a moody, unfazed bop — the kind of song you could strut on the treadmill to, or take a long night drive out on the open road. Fans will soon be able to experience Arlo Boe live, as she hints she’ll be taking to the stage very soon: “With my growing back catalogue, I can begin doing shows! I have an exciting live show planned and I can’t wait to announce it.”

Hallucinating is out now.