New view / New sound / This a new game”; so goes the fittingly fresh opening lines to the new track WHO DIS out today from Gold Coast rapper, Bailey Rodrigues. An upbeat, shimmering combo of house and hip hop, Who Dis is an instant feel-good jam, with Bailey also teaming up with producer Matt McGuffie (Ivey, Tia Gostelow, Tanisha, Erin Foster, Clovo) to bring his latest vivacious tune into the world.

Bustling with good vibes, bouncing beats and glimmering instrumentation, WHO DIS marks the second single released in 2022 showcasing Bailey and Matt’s ongoing endeavours into fusing a fresh new take on house music and rap. Equally full of youthful exuberance and lively production, WHO DIS is a fun and focused foray into the sharp sonic world that Bailey’s been ardently building of late, as Bailey himself shares, I am super excited to be releasing this new sound that Matt and I have been working on for the last couple of months. We really feel like it’s something people haven’t heard before from an Australian artist”.

With Bailey at the helm of WHO DIS alongside the seasoned expertise of modern house, pop and dance music extraordinaire Matt taking on production, mixing and mastering duties, WHO DIS takes its catchy and polished cues from the likes of Young Franco and Drake, while also injecting the pair’s own future-facing take on the modern hip hop scene, as Bailey elaborates, “We definitely had a Young Franco influence for this one, I just love his style and the upbeat vibes his music has. Listening to his tracks just makes you want to get out in the sun and have an ice-cold beverage or 10. And obviously Drake’s latest work has been an influence too, but I think subconsciously hip hop was always slowly heading in this direction. WHO DIS is our second song that is pushing into this lane that we are paving; mixing house music and rap we are bringing nothing but good vibes that instantly lighten any mood”.

A relatively new face on the scene, Bailey has spent the last four years following his creative dreams whilst actively striving to inspire others to do the same. With multiple singles in his wake, including the sultry Colours and his earlier 2022 track PIGGY BANK, Bailey’s affable flow coupled with genuine passion and multiple fingers on the pulse of modern hip hop and dance has seen Bailey rise to even greater heights on his latest new release. A true music lover at heart, Bailey’s journey ultimately traces back to a chance meeting with American rapper G-Eazy during a previous Australian tour, as Bailey reveals, “I’ve been following this dream for four years now. I know it’s cliché to say, but music has been a big part of my life, and any artist’s life really. But for me, it all really started when I met G-Eazy backstage before one of his earlier Australian shows. The effect he had on the room and the performance he put on really changed my life and I knew in that second that this is all I wanted to do. My goal is to inspire and have the same positive effect on people’s lives and show them you don’t have to do what’s expected of you by society; you can chase your dream or follow that passion and make a career out of it”.

The perfect summer bop, WHO DIS is the ultimate blend of infectious energy and effervescence from an extremely exciting young artist primed and ready to shape the industry and the world at large for the better, as Bailey concludes, “I think WHO DIS has landed right on time, with where hip hop is going. For late 2022 and early 2023 – this is the sound. It’s where the culture is right now. When we listen to tracks from artists like Young Franco they have this smooth energy about them that boosts your mood straight away. There’s no denying WHO DIS  does exactly that”.

Who Dis is out today, Wednesday October 19.      

Listen: WHO DIS