With Kav back on the scene after releasing new music, we got to sit down with the Aussie muso legend himself and chatted about his favourite fellow Aussie artists >>

I appeared just when we needed them most, they heralded a new era of simpler chords and well written songs.

We were lucky enough to tour with them in the early 2000’s and they were both true gentleman and rock stars, with Tim Rogers being a born front man.

We later covered Berlin chair for our eskies lockdown under series , such a good song.

In Fremantle where i live we have always had to have a very DIY attitude, there was never going to be a Svengali who would swoop down and discover us and make us famous. No one has embodied that better and turned it in to true international success like my fellow Freo resident , Kev from Tame Impala what they’ve done in Tame to elevate Australia as a sophisticated music making nation of the world should not be understated.

When we made our Black Fingernails album, we wanted to make something wide screen and un ashamedly Australian.

One of our biggest influences during this time was INXS, the sounds they created we took and ran with, and MichaelHutchins was the inspiration behind the vocal character I dug into on the song Black Fingernails Red Wine.

When I was younger I thought Ice House was the most mysterious music I had ever heard in my life, and later in life they were another big influence behind the album Black fingernails.

We started doing a cover of their song we could get together during the Big Day out tour in 2009, and then in Sydney Ive Davis the man himself popped his head in to our back stage room to say hi, we instantly asked him if he wanted to get on stage and sing his song with us and he said yes right away, it was an absolute blast and something ill remember for a very long time.

This band popped up on my radar with their song cellophane, and after listening to the rest of their album I was a fan.

Great song writing, production and singing. Can’t wait to hear what they do next.