A bouquet of alternative pop and powerful emotives, the brand new single Flowers from Perth artist Eli Greeneyes, out today, is a warm and intimate step ever-closer to the impending release of the Eli Greeneyes self-titled debut EP, set for release on Monday December 12. Also accompanied by a feel-good performance music video, Flowers is a pristine and polished delight, an introspective song, bursting with fresh pop textures.

 Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

I think he’s a badass and so freakin talented. He was one of those artists at the forefront of creating music and using the technology available to make something unique. here’s a link to the whole record though because it’s amazing. Super creative and super inspiring to listen to. I can’t believe that a lot of his records are made on a phone.

Handle – Molly Payton
I don’t know a song that’s been written by this artist that I don’t believe every single word of. The feelings I get in this song are unexplainable. I think she’s from NZ and I’m so glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves. Amazing voice, songwriting, and don’t get me started on the lyrics.

See You Soon – Beabadoobee
Again unexplainable feelings. The production in this song is next level. It’s such an inspiring and uplifting song to me. I read somewhere that when she first listened back she started crying and I’m not surprised. I was on the verge of tears too. Really Love her approach to writing and expressing herself in music.

Wounds – Lo
A good friend of mine and an awesome artist and songwriter. Don’t tell her I know all the lyrics ahahaha. I love the soft vocal layering and delivery. You feel like she’s singing it right next you. The rise in the production as the song escalates is so appropriate and egoless to me.

About You – The 1975
This has been one of those bands for me that I listen to and feel almost understood with the way that I feel about my place in the world. In a confronting way, A joyful way, A contradicting way, a human way.