Perth-based singer-songwriter Queency, aka Quentin Thony, is back bustling with bold, suave and sinfully smooth retro pop tinged with modernity, with a brand new single Purple Diamonds officially out today. A delectable sneak peek into Queency’s impending new EP of the same name set to drop on Thursday November 24, Purple Diamonds is pure sonic joy that’ll bubble the soul and bewitch the ears with polished and effortless ease.

Hiatus Kayote – Molasses.
I first heard it on triple j and had to stop the car on the verge, that’s how mind-blown I was. They’re also the only Australian band ever nominated for best progressive RNB album if I’m not mistaken. HUGE.

Kylie Minogue – Love at First Sight
I’m not a rock fan (sue me), and Kylie is as mainstream as I will go. She is completely ICONIC, and it would’ve been rude as gay man not to mention her in my top 5 most influential artists! That song reminds me of my teenage years in the closet wondering if I would ever come out. That closet has been annihilated. Thanks Kylie.

Sampa The Great – Final Form
Sampa is breath of fresh air in the Hip-hop landscape in Australia, which is quite white male oriented. That track’s message is absolute bomb, its use of sampling is mind-blowing, and the backing vocals are on fire. ARIA well deserved!

Kaiit – OG Luv Kush pt. 2
What a voiiiiice and I got to spend an evening with her on her last Perth tour and she’s absolutely lovely. Just like Miss Badu and Miss Scott, who have declared her their musical lovechild (HUUUUGE), I’m 100% obsessed.

Kira Puru – Tension
I picked up thanks to that bassline. That’s how strong that song and those hooks are. Kira Puru is a force to be reckoned with (and I have a major girl crush on her).