By Montana SHARP

1 >> I have perfect pitch – it earns me a bit of street cred around people who know what that is, until it becomes annoying and sort of arrogant. There’s a joke that goes something like this: “How do you know someone has perfect pitch? Easy, they’ll tell you.” Anyway, this means I can listen to an instrument or piece of music and know exactly what notes/chords are being played. It can be more of a curse than a blessing though! While other singers might be thinking about the emotion of the lyrics they’re singing, I’m usually thinking: “shit here comes the high D” or whatever. It’s a cool party trick sometimes, though.

2 >> I really don’t like chocolate – sorry, I just don’t. I’ve tried. I enjoy it in a cake but it ends there. I can tolerate maybe a bite of chocolate before it makes me feel super nauseous and gives me that sickly sweet sugar burn at the back of my throat. Maybe I’ll keep trying to like it just so I can join in on the fun, but I still don’t understand the hype.

3 >> I’m pretty good at fine arts – my family are all fine artists and designers, spanning across generations so I guess I inherited a little of those genes. I even earned some extra cash during the pandemic commissioning portraits. Art has always been a way of unwinding from time to time, and I’ve contemplated switching to a related field many times. (see pics below).

4 >> I’ve kept a journal since I was 14 – consistently. The teenage ones are pretty emo, and I can’t read them without cringing, but maybe one day they’ll be funny to look back on. I thought I was so profound and prophetic, but really, I think I had a terrible case of a superiority complex. Perhaps my grandchildren would like to read them. It’s funny how the younger entries contain these massive and impressive vocabulary, and from about 22 onwards it goes more like “hey girl everything’s all g”.

5 >> I suffer from misophonia – aka having a severe emotional reaction to common everyday sounds. The sound of someone breathing or coughing fills me with rage, while someone chewing or spitting or anything saliva related makes me gag. My body is panicking even just typing this out!